Facebook Advertising - Custom Audience

Custom Audience – Previously Messaged

A quick guide on how to create a custom audience of only people who have messaged your page, so when you advertise your page you can advertise only to previous customers!

You must use a laptop or pc to be able to do this, you cannot use a mobile or tablet.

1.Go to Advert Manager, find this on your main personal facebook page on the left

2.Click 'Create Advert' in the top right

3.Click 'Engagement' and name your campaign

4.Under Audience, click 'create new' then

select 'custom audience

5.Select 'Engagement'

6.Then select Facebook Page:

7.Select your page in the drop down, and then select 'People who sent a message to your page' then give your audience a name

8.Hit 'Create Audience' you should see this message

9.In the top left of your adverts manager, find 'audiences' under 'Assets'

10.You should then see all the audiences you have ever advertised to, at the top of the list should be the audience you've just created, in the image I have created a dummy audience to show how it works, my new audience for people that have messaged is called 'ordered previously' Yours will go from Blue (populating) to Green (Ready) it will then tell you how many people are in your audience, this will be different for everyone, North Devon is 2200, due to a name change in the last month!

11.Once the Audience is ready you can then create your advert, go back to the main Advert Manager page and hit 'create advert' as before.

12.Choose engagement and name your advert

13.Under audience click the custom audience bar

14.Select your custom audience and continue to create your advert!

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